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Maintenance and Care for Worthy Instruments

Our disposable culture encourages us to consider 'no maintenance,' as a benefit. In some cases it may be, but the reality of life is, anything of value requires upkeep. Handmade items, musical instruments in particular, require attention and care to allow them to do their best for us. While the parallel to owning a pet, 'the care and feeding of your instrument,' was a clever way to nudge the guitar owner to awareness.

I've included some useful links at the bottom of the page. While many of us prefer to set aside the owner's manual so we can get at the guitar right away, I would encourage you to take some time and browse. I guarantee you will be both surprised and glad you did.

While most people, myself included, don't want to be bogged down with too much information about our microwave operation or understanding fuel injection; some of the links will actually help you understand how a simple thing like a guitar works, and how to keep it working for a lifetime. There's no reason it shouldn't.

If the end of this page is as far as you can go, I encourage you to go just a little further especially if you live where the climate gets dry and/or cold; 45% relative humidity and below, 45 degrees and below can make a guitar hard to play and be expensive to repair. Likewise, returning to the pet theme, don't ever leave your guitar in the car in the sun, even in the winter. Guitar repair-people use heat to loosen glue. So, when you heat up your guitar, they don't have to, they just have to try to squeeze it back into the proper shape and glue it back together.

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Larry Darnell item Fret Not Guitar Care - This is a great resource. Well written and authoritative.

Larry Darnell item Taylor Guitars: Symptoms of a Dry Guitar (pdf)

Larry Darnell item - Frank Ford's ever-expanding encyclopedia on stringed instruments.

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